Internal Coders

Introduction: We believe HCCS is the best in the business, and to keep it this way we understand that we not only need the best staff, but we also must give them the best tools to enable them to do their work effectively and efficiently. Additionally, we know that these tools include, but are not limited to things like the best computers and software; they include the myriad, less tangible factors that come into play on a daily basis and can ultimately make or break a job or even career. At HCCS, we expect every employee to hold us responsible for maintaining a positive work environment that fosters communication, teamwork, and the means to advance one’s knowledge and ability in such a way that any of his or her career aspirations are within reach

Our primary business is the indefinite outsourcing of coding at our client hospitals. We rely on our staff of fully specialized and credentialed US coders to provide accurate coding of virtually all hospital chart types from hospitals of all types and size. In order to maintain our high quality, we seek out the best coders from across the nation.

Job Description: We are currently seeking experienced Inpatient coders to add to our specialized coding staff. HCCS coders work from home and have wide discretion to set their own hours, work week, and expected productivity level. HCCS provides all necessary literature, equipment, and software including a desktop computer and two 24", wide-screen, LCD monitors.

Each HCCS coder is fully specialized. That is, each coder will only code their strongest chart type. This position's expectations are to accurately code what was depicted during the patient encounter and according to UHDDS and Coding Clinic rules. Despite the fact that our coders are spread across the country, we have a tight-knit group of talented coders that communicate and collaborate constantly. Our coders can expect to be part of a dynamic coding family.